Your experience with FreeBird is completely customizable.

Distribution and logistics is one of the most time- and budget-consuming activities a brewery participates in. FreeBird will maximize efficiencies by servicing multiple brands at each account and storing products in a central location. The savings accrued through these methods, we are able to offer a lower price point to our customers. 


FreeBird differentiates itself by providing personalized and customized service while keeping the brand control in the hands of the producers. Our main focus for new brand growth is in grocery stores, bottle shops, and other off-premise, where sales representative relationships need a helping hand. 


Great beer deserves clean lines. Draft maintenance offerings ensure that your product arrives in the hands (and mouths) of your consumers the way it was intended to. Line technicians are the last line of defense against contamination and can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of your product. We aim to ensure the absolute best service until the very last drop.